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Annual Gift Guide for Health and Wellness in 2015

Top of the list again this year.  If you love the outdoors, Bay Nature Magazine is a gift that gives all year long.

If you have a skeleton, Dr. Lani’s Bone Health book is a must read.  I waited to read Susan Love’s Breast Book until AFTER I was fighting breast cancer.  Please DO NOT wait for a diagnosis of osteopenia or osteoporosis to read this book.

Click here to order Bay Naturegiftforallseasons

Eating on the Wild Side:  This life-changing (but badly named) book will help you make better, more nutritious choices.  Learn how to buy, store, prepare fruits and veggies in order to make more nutritious choices, save money and shop smarter.   More info and great pod cast – click here.

Once again this year – if you have feet – these massage balls will help them stay healthy.  If you have a HINT of Plantar Fasciitis (or know someone who does), get them – don’t wait!

With Dad dying this year and mother-in-law failing, I’m aware that many of us are helping or dealing with an older adult who is at fall risk.  This simple, high quality bed rail helps stabilize at one of the most risky times – getting out of bed.  This is the one you want!  Also, I carry a Handy Bar for helping clients get out of the car, it’s a great stabilizer as well as a seat belt cutter and window smasher.  I hope I never need to use it for that!

What gift guide would be complete without a plug for POLES?  Consider gifting a class (if you’re in Northern CA) or a video (for hiking or mobility) and or a new set of poles.   To learn which poles best fit a person (and will help him/her achieve her goals), just complete the consultation form on this web page.  I have some poles that are discontinued, so my stock of high quality poles is selectively available for special needs (like extra tall people, wrist or shoulder issues, etc).

For locals (Bay Area Residents), anytime tickets to the Mountain Play are a great gift.  We go every year and the anytime tickets enable us to go when the weather is what we want (not hot).  They are only on sale for a short time in December.

Happy & Safe Holidays! 

Want to Live Longer?

Excerpt from the Johns Hopkins Health After 50 Newsletter, July 2014:

~ Muscle your way to a longer life

Want to live longer? Build more muscle, says a new study. 

After analyzing data from the medical records of more than 3,50 Americans ages 55 and older, researchers concluded that the more muscle mass a person has, the less likely he or she will die prematurely, even after taking any cardiovascular and diabetic risk factors into account.  Specifically, people in the study who had the lowest muscle mass had a 30% higher chance of premature death than people who had the highest amounts.

Although the researchers couldn’t prove a direct cause-and-effect relationship between muscle and survival, they suggest it may have something to do with the metab0loism that promotes muscle mass and its association with longer survival.  It’s also common for people with more muscle mass to have a more active than average lifestyle which can contribute to longevity, too.  But, whatever the reason, the researchers found that muscle mass relative to a person’s height is a better predictor of longevity for older adults than the widely used body mass index (BMI), which estimates body fat based on weight and height.

If you want to build muscle, you should do a variety of strengthening exercises with dumbbells or resistance bands two to three times each week for about 30 minutes each session.  You can do exercises like pushups and squats, too, which involves using your own body weight.  If you’re new to strength training, ask your doctor to suggest the best exercises for you and seek out a certified trainer to show you proper form.

Note:  I hope you enjoy the above article.  I took the liberty of formatting it and adding paragraphs to make it easier to read.  One of the skills I enjoy is programming.  This means determining which exercises will help an individual to achieve his/her goals.  Weight training is called Progressive Resistance Exercise – emphasis on the word progressive.  If you create a good foundation, you can build little victories on top of each other.  This is SO important for preventing injury. 

Jayah Faye Paley, ACE & AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

Back Health & Your Feet – IMPORTANT

These 2 segments might change your life or at least your perspective:

Pole Walking Classes all over the Bay Area

Determining which poles best suit a person’s issues and goals is an important part of the learning process.  We use all 3 types of poles, helping participants figure out what works best for their structure (fit), their issues and their goals.

Take a look at this Article in the Pacifica Tribune this morning.  We offer 3 levels of classes so anyone can learn great skills to more fully enjoy the outdoors.

  • How to use POLES for Hiking & Outdoor Exercise
  • How to use POLES for Balance, Mobility and Basic (Functional) Walking
  • Walking Workout:  Urban PoleWalking for Health & Fitness (Nordic Walking)

Regardless of your activity level, you can achieve many benefits from learning these skills.  Your back and knees will thank you and you’ll feel taller.

Increased circulation to the brain is a good thing!  Being outside, with your buddies, enjoying a full body experience is the triple win of poles!

Check our calendar for all class listings, including Rocky Mountain National Park!

Learning How to use Trekking Poles for Hiking, Walking and Mobility

People are like containers.  Fill them up to capacity and then either they overflow or something has to come out to make room for more info.

Learning a new skill takes PRACTICE.  In a field seminar, we fit people to determine which poles best fit their structure and will help them achieve their hiking or walking goals.  Then we discuss how to properly use straps, how to optimally set pole length and then how to OPTIMALLY use poles on a variety of terrain.

We make a clear distinction between correct use and optimal use.  Since everyone is different, with individual goals and issues, we encourage people to FEEL what works best for them.   For instance, just because everyone on the planet says to set poles at 90 degrees at the elbow does not make it right for everyone (or practically anyone).  What if you have lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) or a past bout of rotator cuff syndrome or tired wrists from using a computer?  The key is to provide  the many benefits of poles WITHOUT inviting strain elsewhere.

So how does someone learn to use poles in the best way for their individual needs and goals?

Here in the Bay Area of Northern CA, we offer a variety of classes and field seminars  (calendar).  If you have the opportunity to take a class, great!

If you’re not local to AdventureBuddies, watch the DVD that best addresses your abilities.   Then read the DVD updates on this blog.   It’s wildly expensive to update a DVD, but we use this blog to update and enhance the training.  If you’re in doubt about which DVD will best help you achieve your goals, start with the Mobility DVD and progress to the Hiking DVD.

Enjoy your poles, your body, your buddies and the outdoors!

ACE Trainers: POLES Seminar & Waterfall Hike, Rocky Mountain National Park

On June 11, 2011, I’ll be teaching a POLES for Hiking Field Seminar at Rocky Mountain National Park.  We’ll explore roaring waterfalls as we hike, learn and explore.  This is a magical trail and a wonderful place to learn skills that enable people to achieve the many benefits of hiking with poles.

This class is offered thru the Rocky Mountain Nature Association for anyone who loves to hike.  In addition, ACE-certified personal trainers can get .8 credits for this class by contacting me thru this blog for more info.

Outdoors vs. the Gym

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If you’ve landed on this blog, you’re probably a fan of the outdoors.  This blog is for you.

I teach classes in a health club and often ask how many hikers are in the class.  It stuns me that, in a room with 40-50 healthy active people, there are no hikers.   I believe health clubs  serve a purpose.  Group classes are fun.  Weight training is important for healthy muscles and bones.

I’m an instructor for a large chain.  They recently put up gorgeous motivational posters about health and wellness.  Most of them show buff bodies OUTDOORS.    Ironic!

In school we learned about civics, English, math, etc.  We took gym and learned to run and compete.  No one taught us about shoulder joint stabilization or how to build healthy and supportive knees and hips.  And NO ONE talked about spinal elongation.   There are movements which are key to maintaining a healthy and sustainable foundation.

I live in Northern California which is one of the most stunning places on the planet.  To live here, to pay these crazy prices,  and not enjoy the outdoors seems silly to me and my hiking buddies.

I have to wonder if those gym goers who never step onto a trail would change their opinion if only they could enjoy a nice hike.  What do you think?