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What is DORSAL GLIDE and how does it help us achieve Neutral Posture?

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Dorsal glide enables us to lengthen the back of the neck – the cervical spine.

Sitting or standing tall, gently tuck the chin while at the same time imagining that a single hair is pulling your head upwards.  Feel the back of your neck lengthening.

Anytime you’re supine (flat on your back), gently tuck your chin and feel your head moving away from your body.  Lengthening your cervical spine (your neck) gives the gift of space to the vertebrae in your neck and helps you maintain your height.

It also helps bring you into a more neutral posture.  We tend to walk around with our heads down or our chins jutted out.  This constricts our cervical spine and can cause neck pain.

A gentle and effective dorsal glide is like giving our neck traction by using our muscles and intent.  You can do this as an exercise by holding a dorsal glide while you take 2 or 3 relaxed breaths.


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