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Knee Pain: Simple tip for going down stairs

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Point your toes!

When descending stairs, the top knee feels the effort.  By pointing your toes on the foot going down the stairs, it removes 1 to 3 inches of effort. Actively pointing your toes makes a huge difference and it’s amazing how many people don’t think of this.    As you lower your foot, be aware that you’re working your Achilles tendon eccentrically* – this is a good thing!

Positive messages create muscle memory. Do it consciously and eventually it will become automatic (muscle memory).  When you catch yourself NOT doing it, give yourself a mental pat on the back for forgetting vs. beating yourself up about it.

* From Wikipedia:  An eccentric contraction is used as a means of decelerating a body part or object, or lowering a load gently rather than letting it drop.

In our POLES for Balance & Mobility DVD, we show many tips for going up and down stairs in ways that reduce pain and (at the same time) build upper body strength.


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