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Plantar Fasciitis: A personal history

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Post #1 (read first please)

Often people describe classic symptoms and have NO idea that they’re dealing with this debilitating condition.

Plantar fasciitis (PF) is painful.

Feet are the only joint in the body that flex both ways.  Most joints flex and extend.  Feet dorsi-flex (toes to nose) and plantar flex (point your toes).

I got PF after straining my feet after – not one – but two intense step classes.  I was in flat (no hiking) NC visiting family so was off my regular routine.

It took me a year to recover.   During this time I was on a drug to prevent recurrence of breast cancer.  One of the side effects of this drug was stiff and painful joints.  Boy Howdy!  For 6 years, my feet were tight and I was at constant risk of recurrence of PF.

The way I approach a limitation – whether lymphedema or PF – is to try almost anything.  The year I spent fighting PF, I only missed two hikes.  I modified, I taped, I stretched, but I kept hiking.   Today, as a hiker, I’m hyper-aware of my feet and am cautious not to overwork them without compensating or treating or loving them in some way.

This is first in a series of posts.  Read the postings in order to learn innovative ways to cope and recover.

p.s.  I’m happy to report I’m 7 years out for breast cancer. 

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