Award-winning DVDs help people learn how to use poles to expand their
hiking & walking capabilities. Enjoy either DVD, then check our DVD Updates


DVD: POLES for Hiking, Trekking & Walking

Learn how to use your upper body muscles to help preserve your joints:

  • Efficiently use your upper body to power uphill (by recruiting lats, triceps & obliques)
  • Reduce knee stress and get more support downhill (by engaging abs, chest & biceps)
  • Prevent common mistakes and optimize pole use
  • Improve core strength
  • Avoid the “death grip” - prevent strain in hands, wrists, shoulders, even your neck
  • Select, use & clean equipment
  • Plus get tips on hiking, posture, gear, safety & more


Getting Started:

  • Intro & Benefits
  • Equipment
  • 5 Terrain-Based Techniques

Pole Techniques:

  • Detailed descriptions of 5 terrain techniques, presented in a progressive format that’s easy to learn
  • Drills & practice segments for learning to use your whole body
  • Stairs & Obstacles - Progressive techniques to enhance your learning experience
  • Transitioning seamlessly between techniques as you change terrain
  • Nordic Walking
  • Snow Shoeing

Hiking Tips:

  • Terrain Tips for steeper terrain
  • Streams
  • Bridges
  • Posture Tips
  • Safety Tips & Pole Care
  • Muscle Memory

Expand your Hiking & Walking Horizons!
Original Music, Stunning Scenery, Top Notch Training
Endorsed by LEKI USA and Outdoor Research
© 2008, 1 Hour 39 Minutes

Cover of DVD: POLES for Hiking, Trekking & Walking

Award-winning Training
$9.95 each

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DVD: POLES for Balance & Mobility

Easy to use format includes:

  • Benefits (how correct use of poles has helped people with Parkinson’s, MS, Peripheral Neuropathy, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, joint issues & more)
  • Equipment (a visual buyer’s guide to poles)
  • Mobility class with step-by-step instruction:
    • Learning to walk with poles
    • Navigating curbs, stairs, driveways, ramps
    • Gait issues, modifications
    • How to use your upper body muscles to help preserve your joints
    • How to regain and maintain mobility & function
  • Tips & Exercises (too much info to list)
  • Learning progressions (how to easily learn a new skill)

Chapter based segments make it easy to get to the section you need (or want to recommend to your patient).

1 Hour, 39 Minutes © 2008

“Poles enable and empower. This exceptional DVD is a great tool for both patients and therapists.”   – Diane Kern, Physical Therapist


Getting Started:

  • Intro & Benefits
  • Equipment

Pole Class:

  • Class Intro
  • Straps
  • Gloves
  • Pole Length
  • How to adjust
  • Sitting & Standing
  • Strap Progression
  • Stand, Rest, Turn
  • 2 Finger Swing for walking
  • Walking Modifications
  • Plant Push
  • Arm Movement
  • Progressive Learning Format
  • Curbs
  • Stairs
  • Ramps

Tips & Exercises:

  • Dr. Jerry Gerst – Injury Prevention
  • Diane Kern, PT Exercises for Gait & Posture
  • Balance Exercises
  • Freezing
  • Foot Drop
  • Good Days
  • Driveways
  • Wet Terrain Tip
  • Learning Tips
  • Endurance Tips
  • Caregiver Tips

1 Hour, 39 Minutes © 2008

POLES for Balance & Mobility DVD cover

$14.95 each
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