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People think pole use is intuitive – it’s not.

Were you born knowing how to walk?

Learning to use poles well and your body efficiently will

enable you to achieve optimal benefit from your poles.

All field seminars are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
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if you are unclear about which training would best suit your needs and goals.

Top quality poles provided at all seminars: We discover what poles best fit your body, best suit your needs & goals. Poles you love (and properly care for) will last a lifetime.

Used properly, poles can:
  • reduce stress on your knees & recruit your muscles to help preserve your joints,
  • improve your endurance, stability, posture, confidence & balance,
  • increase your upper body strength,
  • improve your performance, enhance your enjoyment & expand your capabilities.
  • expand your hiking & walking horizons!

Learn how to reduce knee stress and convert that saved energy into a core/upper body workout – not create stress in the fragile joints of the hands & wrists.


POLES for Hikers & Walkers

(Easy to Moderate Terrain) - great for walkers, entry level hikers & re-opening trails you thought were in your past.

We’ll focus on easy terrain & trails and help you learn to:
  • get the maximum benefit from your poles on flat, uphill, downhill, stairs and bridges.
  • use the straps for support and to avoid hand and wrist stress,
  • create spinal elongation for posture, endurance and reverse the effects of gravity
  • adjust poles quickly and efficiently for different terrain,
  • prevent injury and avoid common mistakes,
  • transitioning between techniques as you change terrain
  • care for equipment, clean, store, hiking tips & more.

Learn to increase your enjoyment of the outdoors, expand your hiking and walking horizons, and increase your fitness level with the proper use of poles. Learn terrain-based techniques designed to help you use poles optimally on a variety of terrain. Generally 4 to 6 hours of fun, connecting and exploring.

POLES for Hikers

(More Challenging Terrain) is designed for people who love to hike and want expand their horizons while combining the benefits of upper and lower body workouts. We cover the same material in level I, PLUS explore more challenging terrain, including traverse, narrow hill-side trails and streams. Instruction on a wide variety of terrain, a practice hike & a very fun day ☺ Class size more limited for personalized instruction. Focus is on joint preservation, use of upper body muscles, spinal elongation and “finessing your form.” Most of these field seminars include a practice hike.

See sample curriculum.

Mobility & Balance Seminars

These seminars focus on how to achieve, maintain and often regain mobility. The curriculum is highly dependent on the needs of the group, but we generally follow the format of the DVD – progressively learning about how to help each participant meet their goals and restore function.

These can be scheduled in your physical therapist’s office (in groups of 3 or 4) or at your home or office and there are several scheduled at various locations throughout the year.

Practice Hike with Poles

Finesse your Form! Refine techniques learned in field seminar, focus on transitioning seamlessly between techniques as you change terrain & optimally using upper body muscles on varying terrain (including up, down, traverse, streams, steps, obstacles, etc.)

Fitness for the Trail & for LIFE:

What are your issues? What are your goals? We explore how to achieve optimal health & fitness by looking at your Health Issues, Function, Balance, Posture, Body Mechanics, Endurance, Flexibility & Strength.

This is a great class to schedule for your buddies. Creating a sustainable foundation is key to any exercise program. Learning about progressions and programming is helpful for establishing a fun and effective routine from which to build, maintain and improve. See below for more info.

Fitness Walking, Walking for Health & NORDIC Walking:

Progressions, goals, gait patterns, shoe wear, stretches, warm-ups, how to incorporate walking into your exercise routine and more. Nordic Walking is a great way to increase your energy output without increasing your perceived exertion. Bring a full body workout into your urban walk.

Easy to learn, fun to do.

Schedule a seminar or event for your group:

We can create an event for your needs and goals. Whether it’s using poles to enjoy the outdoors or to achieve mobility or enhance fitness, connecting with your buddies and learning together is a fun and friendly experience. Email to discuss your issues/goals/wishes. All AdventureBuddies’ seminars are 100% guaranteed.


Fitness for the Trail (more comprehensive description):

Focus on establishing a healthy & sustainable foundation.  Learn fun ways to improve your endurance, balance, posture, flexibility & strength.  Set goals, learn about creating an achievable & progressive routine.   Experience easy exercises for maintaining function & enjoying the outdoors.  All levels welcome.

Agenda of activities:

  1. Intro
  2. Discussion of participants’ issues
  3. Using fitness form (provided by instructor): participants will
  4. Prioritize areas of fitness
  5. Rate their perception of each issue
  6. Learn and participate in gentle exercises in each category
  7. Encourage each participant to choose which exercise in each category best suits their needs/inclinations/goals
  8. Discuss goal setting, compliance & motivation
  9. Establish progressive routines

Concepts covered (What will I learn?)
We will review the elements of Fitness:
- Function
- Balance
- Posture
- Endurance
- Flexibility
- Strength
We will participate in gentle, easy-to learn exercises, each of which can provide significant benefit for the amount of time you invest. We will discuss how to establish a foundation in your body on which to build greater stamina, strength and function. You will have the opportunity to choose which exercises best suit your goals.
We will discuss:
- goal setting
- how to achieve compliance
- and how to be motivated
- the progressive nature of exercise and fitness 

We will endeavor to help you establish a routine that will enable you to achieve your goals and maintain your ability to enjoy the outdoors. We will discuss how improving your balance, posture, endurance, flexibility & strength can help you to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, bird watching, stargazing, walking, gardening, etc.

What to Expect/Itinerary:
Intro with Discussion of participants’ issues
Using fitness form (provided by instructor): participants will
-           Prioritize areas of fitness
-           Rate their perception of each issue

  1. Learn and participate in gentle exercises in each category
  2. Encourage each participant to choose which exercise in each category
  3. best suits their needs/inclinations/goals
  4. Discuss goal setting, compliance & motivation
  5. Establish progressive routines
  6. Expect to appreciate & learn much of what we cover, but not all. 

Because everyone is different, we want everyone to feel as if s/he has deeply benefitted from the day.  Therefore, we present more material than you need, but encourage you to sift out of the day what will work for you to achieve your goals.

Medical/Physical considerations:
This is an easy class in terms of energy expenditure.  We cover a lot of material, but try to gear it to many levels.  Anyone who enjoys the outdoors and wants to maintain their agility and ability to be outside will appreciate much of what we cover in this class. 


Support Groups

We are particularly drawn to conditions that challenge mobility for many years: Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, etc. Contact us for info on how we might help your support group. These events are often free (or include a stipend to cover travel).

Lymphedema Education & Exercise Group

See Lymphedema Page

Free Clinics

Throughout the year, we present free clinics. With over 200 pairs of poles, we love to get people moving & grooving. It feels good to use your whole body while hiking or walking. Check the benefits page to see what benefit you can achieve with poles.

Check the calendar to see if we're scheduled to be in your area.

POLES for Hikers
Sample Curriculum

  • Intro, discussion of your goals & issues
  • Benefits of using poles
  • Equipment Basics
  • Personalized Pole Fitting: What's the best poles for you?
  • Straps - why & how?
  • Setting pole length
  • Baseline length
  • Posture & basic anatomy
  • How to use your upper body muscles to help preserve your joints
  • Exercises to improve posture with poles
  • Techniques for Flat Terrain & gentle slopes
  • Stairs & obstacles
  • Rocky Terrain with Long Foam Grips
  • Bridges
  • Practice Hike with Steeper up & down
  • Opportunity to try out different poles
  • Pole Etiquette
  • Trail Etiquette
  • Transitioning between techniques
  • Narrow hillside trails & traverse
  • Downhill techniques to help protect your knees
  • Seasonal tips
  • Power walking with poles for exercise
  • Streams & Rocky Practice
  • Pole care & Troubleshooting
  • Hiking tips, Trail Tips, Questions
  • Stretches to help performance and comfort